New DynaRisk Feature – Friends & Family Data Breach Monitoring

We’ve launched a new feature to monitor if your friends or family have been exposed in data breaches.

We are super excited to announce a new feature to DynaRisk Home users, you can now add the email accounts of friends and family to see if they’ve been exposed in data breaches!

We wanted to implement this feature because we know people are concerned about older adults and young children being exposed. The issue is getting your 14 year old daughter or 76 year old father to sign up for a web based service like ours is tough!

Privacy of course was also a main concern so we require the person who is going to have their email account monitored to specifically allow a DynaRisk user to do this.

I even used this feature to find that my own mother was exposed in a data breach! I received an alert from DynaRisk then called her to get the details. We talked about what data breaches were, how they happen and what more she could be doing to protect herself. While my mother is very tech savvy for her age, she has a lot to learn to be safer online.

Standard users can add 1 family member for monitoring and Pro users can add up to 5.

We hope you like it!

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